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We provide software suite that is designed to interact with the Asterisk Open-Source PBX Phone system to act as a complete inbound/outbound contact center suite with inbound email support as well.
The agent interface is an interactive set of web pages that work through a web browser to give real-time information and functionality with nothing more than an internet browser on the client computer. The management interface is also web-based and offers the ability to view many real-time and summary reports as well as many detailed campaign and agent options and settings. The software can function as an ACD for inbound calls or for Closer calls coming from that software outbound frontiers and even allows for agents logging in from locations as well as agents that may only have a phone. The software suite also includes a from-scratch software installation document, full English and Spanish versions of the web-clients and admin pages(and functional versions of several other languages), and is designed to work with an Asterisk system that has Zap/DAHDI(T1/E1/PSTN) Telco lines or VOIP(IAX or SIP) trunks and many different kinds of soft phones and headphones.
This group of applications is designed to run on top of almost any version of Asterisk so no messing around with the Asterisk source code is necessary.

  • Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling and Inbound Email handling
  • Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast and predictive dialing
  • Web-based agent and administrative interfaces
  • Ability to have agents operate Online

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