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Voip Whole Sale Termination

There is no doubt today that VoIP is taking over the telecom market, and every month increases penetration into services and industries. Competitive carriers are looking at the numerous ways to make money from this exploding technology, but there's a lingering question as to whether it is profitable to deliver VoIP in a wholesale model? Their customers, typically Service Providers, are looking for their ‘competitive advantage' into this ‘lowest price' race, leveraging within three key alternatives for packet telephony : “build” , “buy” or “rent”. Business aspect, there’s no need to invest tens of millions of dollars in wholesale VoIP to join in. Technotechworld Ltd offer the solutions for clients with easy management and a reliable, personal service. We provide for flexible business so you are not tied in and can get the benefits that are right for your company and clients. We create user portal allowing resellers to allocate numbers, provision servers, configure phones and carry out billing. The website has an extensive resource centre for feature updates, guides, case studies, infographics and articles on the world of VoIP & telephony.

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    We understand the process of building websites and mobile applications through our expertise and produce award winning solutions that become popular and make our clients achieve their goals and values.


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